More than code

We’re more than a software company – we are a company of people providing custom-tailored software services for other people.

Who we are

A reliable team of dedicated developers

We are a software company formed around a team of ambitious developers with more than 15 years of experience. We believe in open and consistent communication with our clients, as well as in the ability to adapt to different projects and requirements. We approach our work with dedication, respect, openness and a desire to improve our knowledge and our process.

Our Story

Our expertise

We operate in fields which have a great impact on humanity and on our daily lives

Working with clients from multiple areas granted us the expertise to efficiently understand the particularities of a business and come up with solutions that fit the specific needs of each project. We are constantly growing and enhancing our business through the projects we develop, the services we provide, as well as our clients’ feedback and suggestions.


Banking & Finances

Considering the central role that information has in banking and finances, technology becomes a vital aspect in gathering, processing, analyzing, and providing data in order to meet customers’ needs. We help our clients come up with ways to keep their information safe and up to date.


Technology has a great impact on the infrastructure of vehicles and the way in which comfort and safety are perceived from the customers’ perspective. By keeping up with the modern man’s needs and demands, we help improve our clients’ customer experience.


The use of technology in healthcare helps institutions offer more personalized care and improves the overall quality of life. We devise technical solutions that enable our clients to provide reliable services, while managing a highly efficient system.


In such a fast-paced field, information becomes the foundation on which every decision is made. Our services facilitate the process of maintaining, processing and troubleshooting military systems and operations.


Manufacturing is an industry in which keeping up with the latest technological trends can be a game-changing factor, and in which flexibility plays a major role. We help our clients streamline the production process and reduce the costs by optimizing the production network.


As energy consumption is growing by each passing day, the industry is facing new challenges. Together with our clients, we use our industry-specific knowledge to come up with answers that facilitate the process and create efficient solutions.

What we do

We turn our clients’ vision into a fully functional product


Be it technical solutions, design or content, we’re helping our clients develop an efficient strategy that will support them in achieving their goals.


We provide custom-tailored solutions that help our clients enhance their business, optimize their processes and support their growth.


We help our clients make their voices heard and highlight the uniqueness of their business through a mix of functional design and delightful copywriting.

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What drives us


Our values highlight the way we handle our tasks and how we keep track of what’s important to us in order to stay focused, achieve our goals and maintain a healthy work-life balance. They support us in overcoming the challenges we face on a daily basis. By implementing them in every aspect of our work, we manage to provide high-quality services and grow as professionals.

Our values

Who’s behind the work


Our team’s dynamics is defined by a professional relationship with our clients and a strong, laid-back connection between our team members. Within our company, we get to know each other well and share our passions and interests with the rest of our teammates. This way we can learn from each other – be it technical skills, communication abilities or just the latest funny dog videos around. Learn something new every day, as they say.

Our people

How we get things done


We establish a dynamic, smooth collaboration with our clients by striving to understand their business and their goals. We adapt to their methodologies to ensure a clear, continuous communication. With dedication and seriousness, we take care of our collaboration on every level. From planning to maintenance, we become a long-term reliable partner, fully prepared to tackle complex challenges.

Our process