Who we are

This is our story

We embarked on this journey in 2014 and we’ve been providing custom-tailored software services ever since. We’re committed to growing our business not only through our projects and work, but also through our clients’ feedback and suggestions.

We’re more than a software company – we are a company of people providing services for other people.

What is the dot?

Every programming language and, in fact, every language has one universal truth, one common symbol you will find every time, and that’s the dot. Without the dot, sentences are unfinished, exclamation marks are just lines and emoticons are emotionless.

The dot symbolizes inheritance, it’s half of the DOT COM bubble and most importantly, it’s a job well done.

A job well done is followed by a blank canvas, a white space – you turn the page to a fresh challenge, an opportunity. A new beginning requires space. A dot at the end of a sentence can only be followed by a space. A dot demands space; a dot demands white.

How it all developed

Our History

2013 2014 2018 2017 2015 2020 Ready to meet fresh challenges and explore new markets that will broaden our competences. Had us looking to expand our clients list to different technologies like AEM and Hybris. Activities have shifted from regular nearshoring to those of a fixed price solution provider. We have diversified our portfolio with .NET, JAVA, C++. Planning started, locations were scouted, a team was beginning to take shape. The company was formed and work for the first client started, an energy company from Romania.
The drive behind our work

Our Mission

We focus on projects that positively impact people’s lives and evolution. Comfort lies in small details and a small change can have a meaningful impact, so we chose to make this difference through our work. We use our skills and expertise to bring something positive to people and give back to the community.

Our values

Cristian Beje
The first dot

Who started it all

dotWhite was born through the hard work and dedication of Cristian Beje, whose passion has always been software development. Knowing at an early age that this was going to be his career, he pursued his goals with determination and constantly looked for means to improve his craft. Building a software development company was, in his case, the next logical step. And so, after careful consideration and with a head full of dreams, Cristian started his first software development company – dotWhite – in 2014, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Who’s behind the work

Our People

Although it might seem counterintuitive, we’re not in the software business, we’re in the people business. People drive our development; they shape our company, our future and deliver great services to our clients.

We want to surround ourselves with teammates that enjoy the journey we are on, so we welcome professionals of all ages who are eager to create something impactful. Therefore, we gathered here, at the dot, people with various interests, who embrace change and novelty, because together we can support each other’s goals.